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Welcome to The Offline Expert!  My name is Ron Ruggles and my passion is helping Local Business Owners improve Customer Relations and get more new customers through your door.

Small Business is the backbone of America and I, as a Small Business Owner am proud to use my expertise to help you get more customers, and get your current customers to spend more money.

In order for that to happen, your business has to be easily found… people have to know where you are located and how to find you…  We make it very easy for them to find you.

Internet Marketing and Mobile Marketing are both extremely powerful methods of promoting/marketing your Local Business.  There is, however, a world of difference between how an Online and an Offline Business should be promoted, something we understand very well.

I have had a presence on the Internet in one form or another since 1999.  I have amassed a huge amount of Internet Marketing experience since then.  I am completely immersed in Mobile Marketing so that you can benefit from the advantages it offers for your business.

And it’s not just me… I have a staff of veteran Internet and Mobile Marketers that work with me too; it’s quite a dynamic mastermind.  Possibly the most valuable asset that we have to offer your business is the fact that we are marketers, and we understand marketing.  Everything we do is done with maximum marketing results in mind.

We use Internet and Mobile Marketing techniques with a focus on your Local Offline Business.  My staff and I put together a promotional package customized just for your business.

We take a unique approach to Local Internet and Mobile Marketing… we offer a very affordable first cost and an even more affordable monthly maintenance fee.  Our programs are more like a lease where you skip the high front end development costs and pay us a small amount each month and we take care of all the maintenance for you.

It makes more sense to have an affordable monthly maintenance fee rather than huge development fees up front and stiff periodic upgrade fees that some Consultants and Developers charge.

Think of it as the SAAS (Software As A Service) concept applied to Local Business Marketing… Think of it as your Local Business Marketing Done For You!

Now you are free to run your business and do what you need to do to handle the new customers walking through your door every day!

If you haven’t already, be sure to fill in the information on the right and download your free copy of “The Top 5 Mistakes Businesses Make When Advertising Online” & “Small Business Guide to Mobile”.  They contain some eye opening information about marketing your Local Business successfully.

Download the reports to peruse over a cup of coffee, or call 888-455-5029 ext 100 for a 24/7 recorded message.

Use the contact form on this site, email me at Ron@TheOfflineExpert.com or call me at 888-455-5029.

I invite you to sit down with me and discuss your business plan and see what we can do for you.  Customer appreciation and customer acquisition are both key to any business and we understand both very well.

Best Regards,

Ron Ruggles

The Offline Expert

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